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From Shavings to sawdust at Moorey Contractors Ltd we have a large range of livestock supplies that we can supply and deliver throughout the central North Island. Our specialist team can walk you through our available options and help you find the most cost-effective and lasting products. We offer complete livestock solutions for small and large requirements. At Moorey Contractors Ltd we promise a range of supplies and dedicated service that won't break the budget. Contact us for a free quote!


For all livestock supplies and animal bedding we supply sustainable solutions that ensure the welfare of your animals and their surrounding environment. Our dust and odour free bedding supplies have proven to be the ideal choice for farmers throughout the area, so experience the benefits of what we have on offer today.


As members of the community on the central North Island we take great pride in being the one-stop solution for all livestock supplies. We enjoy working with local farmers and take a personalised approach with each customer to ensure they receive the best possible products and service.


From advice and consultation to supply and delivery we have years of experience in providing livestock supplies and animal bedding. All of our products including shavings, sawdust, chipperfines and woodchips come with a quality guarantee and are built to last, withstanding any changing weather conditions. Our products are backed by ongoing support.
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